not a weaver bird, but a weaver man.

Limuru town is beautiful. Yes, it is beautiful. On any normal day you will not miss a person walking along the railway line stretch that hosts the Limuru train station. This is not just to relax the mind, but also to engage with the cool atmosphere that is provided free of charge by nature.

Along the railway line, are things that will keep you glued to them, one of them is the sight of an oncoming


train, maybe a passenger train or a cargo train which locals prefer calling mbugi, I still do not know the reason. Another eye catching scene is the amazing foot bridge that crosses over the railway.

But of all these things, one thing that will absolutely catch your eye is this man who lives near the railway line. I paid him a visit to maybe hear his side of story. I was curious after having heard so many theories and even some people were about to draft theories on this man. Born in ukambani, the man is a proud kamba but he had found it fit living with the locals in the area. For quite some time, he used to work in local places of Limuru town until he could not secure a job anymore. Now the explanation of how he found himself gone bananas is also a mystery to him.


Having stayed there for close to ten plus years he has made for himself an interesting shelter. Like a weaver bird, the Kamba born man has been able to wrap each of the weaving stick or pole with nylon papers and tightly tied the poles. We spoke softly unlike last time where he chased me away with a knife claiming he could recognize my voice as that one of somebody who had abused him the previous night.


The last visit was different, even while taking photos, he just told me to snap them and go away. At one time I called him mkubwa.  He told me not to refer him to mkubwa, he even added “mkubwa wangu ni shetani”, and then he said, “mimi sio mkubwa, usiniite mkubwa”.


He has weaved the shelter well enough to keep himself from rain and even sunshine. That is his happiness that is how he lives and stays, day in day out. While we struggle for more than 1000 bob per day, he is quite okay with the little he has.



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