did the cow mate or not? tough question

failed mating

Finally  I took my Kamori (a cow that has never given birth) to the local bull as my wife had suggested. It was a hectic journey since it’s almost two kilometers up to the place. You see, when you keep your cow in the same compound for long, the day it will get freed, even when you have a rope tied well around the nose with a strong but well tied noose, the cow will start jumping up and down like a crazy animal. That is what my Kamori was just doing. It could not rest.

All I was left to do was to hold tight the rope until I arrived at the village bull. I was greeted by Munyuis wife who was happy to see me. I tethered my cow at a nearby post as we talked with munyuis wife. She even asked me why we left without saying goodbye the last time we were at her place. Those are the questions that I really was afraid of, how could I start saying that we could not drink the milk donkey?

Anyway I was offered tea and then she directed me to where the bull was. It was a process that both of us were to watch. Sometimes these animals are funny, you can leave them there to mate and all they do for the whole time is to sniff on each other and do nothing. Sometimes the bull may be too short in height compared to the cow. This reduces the chance of making the cow pregnant. That is what happened here.

My cow could not be mated on by the bull. Kamori was taller than the bull. Trouble. Even after numerous climbing on her, the bull was still unable to service her.

Well, I could not leave Kamori there, I decided to go back home and maybe call the local vertinary to come and do some AI on the cow. And so after saying goodbye to munyuis wife I left.

Two weeks later, I received a call from Munyui.

He was wondering why I was delaying on paying the 800 bob for the bull. He even complained that it’s the same way that I have delayed with the dowry of her daughter, you get the plot twist now. I was wondering how I would explain to him that the cow had not climbed fully. This is because his wife was claiming that she saw the bull climb on the Kamori. Oh my, what is this?



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