finally the cow is on heat


There is no happines like that of a calf owner (mori ) realizing that it is on heat. It’s like the smile shown by a farmer who notices that his beans are flowering.
That is the happiness that engulfed me and my wife last week but one. (We bought a small cow at 2000 with the prospects of starting a heard).
Our kamori is a different one. You see, most cows behave weirdly when they are on heat (muruki). Like munyuis cow keeps on mooing after every micro second. It kind of wails out loudly. Some cows will break loose from their sheds. They climb on the partitioning of the shed. In case you happen to get in, they even try climbing you.

Some cows even run after people or donkeys or goats. That’s when they are on heat.
Our precious cow is different; instead of having all that madness, its a cool one. It looks you in a suggesting manner. That morning my wife came and told me the way mori is looking at her, she was on heat. Talk of happiness now. I decided to go and witness it. And I could also see the suggestive eyes.

I advised my wife that we call the local veterinary who would do an AI to mori. But she was of the idea that we take the cow to a neighbour who has a bull that is the “hyena” bull of all the female cows in the village.

The bull is owned by munyui. It’s a big healthy bull. Well maintained to be a big sperm donor to the village moris and even to other nearby villages. The bull serves 2 cows in a day. And according to my wife, our cow could be served today. But I was of the idea that we just carry out AI and get with that long process.

I don’t enjoy arguing with my wife and quickly gave in to her idea.
Munyui charges 800 per cow. That is all I was to have to have our cow served.

I asked for a rope and ni ithui acio o kwa ndume…………….



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