nderu sub-chief a leader who is a servant to his people

By the time most offices are starting up in our country, before the sun rays call out for all those who want to enjoy its warm feeling, James Mwaura Ngugi, is usually counting hours into his normal day. A calm jovial and talkative man, James Ngugi is the area sub chief who has swept the hearts of the people under his area of administration by the way he has shown his love and passion for the people that he has been mandated to work with by the president.


James Mwaura Starting his day off from his home

Nderu sub-location, a small village in Ndeiya ward is the place where James Mwaura has left the residents perplexed by the way he carries out his duty.

Over the last few weeks, James took it upon himself to ensure that his area of work is well done with the provision of identity cards. His dedication to the countrywide identity card provision has motivated locals to apply their identity cards in large numbers.


during a past ID card registration exercise

James Mwaura, commonly known as Mwaura by the locals has taken upon himself to deliver ready ID cards to applicants who may have little time or simply have no knowledge that their ID cards are ready. Every morning, he checks his motor bike to ensure that it’s well set to handle the movements of the day. He bought the motor bike to ensure smooth service delivery to his people. Unlike many of his colleagues, he powers up his motor bike, then takes his time to organize the ID cards according to the position of the homes that he will deliver the ID cards of the day to.  Driven by the passion of serving the people he explains that taking ID cards to the door steps has not been a hard task for him. He adds that most people have no time during the weekdays to collect their ID cards at his small office located at near Makutano Primary School.

Though this is not as required by the government, he briefs me that there is nothing sweeter than serving the people who feel you are the one to be served. This move has created a deeper sense of leadership among the residents of Ndeiya who have found him appealing and people oriented Sub Chief.


the motor bike which Nderu sub chief uses

James Mwaura inter twins his work even by being a little bit digital. He has turned his Facebook wall as an information wall to people. This is especially to young people who are on Facebook. He updates people on the days that Identity Cards registration will take place via Facebook. With credible and realistic information, his relationship with the people has been an upward road to better bonding and connection.


attending to people who have been unable to collect their ID cards

Kanyiri, one of the people whose ID card was delivered to talks of Sub Chief as one of the leaders that the community should be proud of having.

He has little to complain on his area of administration, he is simply in love with the area under him.


hardworking subchief chuff cutting nappier grass for his cows


his cows

Despite little resources supplied to him by the government, despite the demanding schedules and pressure to balance work friend relationship, Nderu sub-location sub chief, finds it great to spend time with his family where he owns 4 cows and calves. When he is not busy at work, his son helps him tend to them and also deliver milk at the local Limuru dairy collecting point.

to the locals, he is a God sent sub chief.



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