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ater is life. As simple as that. That statement simply shows how water is important in the life of a man. 80% of the body is made up of water and water related products. Therefore the issue of water is a sensitive issue. That’s why water was devolved so that the common man can get to have a real touch with the issues that will concern water. Water has been in use since immemorial. This means that we cannot do without water.


Due to this water projects have been cropping up in Ndeiya and the larger country as well. This has been to ensure safe, available and affordable water to be used in our homes.

In Ndeiya, the oldest borehole was drilled back in the late 1920s. We were advantaged to have two boreholes before 1930 and by 1947; a reservoir had been constructed at Nderu water project. Water projects by then were being run by the council until later when they were given back to the community due to various reasons.

LIWASCO came up later when water projects in Ndeiya started going through management issues. Usually when two or even five managers decide to milk dry a project; it’s always good to seek a hand from an outside party as you put your house in order. With big losses, LIWASCO came to save water projects in Ndeiya. Some of them being Ndiuni water project and water that is supplied from Nduthi borehole. With great anticipation of the side benefits being offered by the company, project members saw the company as a hope to their faulty managers in the water project.

LIWASCO came to save people from what they were suffering from, not leave them in more troubles.  The company has had a series of poor track records over the years. Not just in Ndeiya, but in other water projects around Limuru. With a standing fee of Ksh 410, the company accompanies members with some of the worst services that can be offered to human. Leave alone arrogant workers who at one time told off an old woman to go and fix her own broken water pipes, LIWASCO has had multiple delays in fixing broken water pipes. Case example is Ndiuni whereby after a road construction process left torn water pipes, months later, the same water route was to be repaired months later despite the fact that the plumber responsible with the work was aware of the situation.

LIWASCO requires one to pay a fixed charge on 6 cubic of water, whether you have used the water or not. Apparently, on average, in 30 days, water is pumped for 10 days. This leaves people to depend on nearby boreholes like a case where members rely on Thigio boy’s waterhole and St. Mary’s girl’s waterhole. It’s so inconveniencing to the residents of Thigio.

Times have really changed a new crop of leaders and young people who have no self-interest have risen. Ndeiya has educated her children to ensure that such projects are well managed when called for. These young and the few old who have experience can run the water projects in a million ways better than what LIWASCO is doing to residents. You see when you are being managed by a person who has no idea what water shortage is in your area, you are likely to experience some hell of a moment. When all these water members are thirsty, the management is not thirsty, do they care anyway. When the members walk far and ride donkeys to the various water holes, the management is well somewhere enjoying some well managed water project.

Nderu water project has close to 2000 members and its one of the most efficient water projects in Limuru. Having employed all staffs from within, the project has reduced the unemployment levels in our young men and women. The project also drilled more bore holes to improve on the service delivery and amount of water supplied to members. There is no water rationing in the project.

Apart from the auditors, the whole staff in the project is comprised of our own members; Ndeiya is pregnant with brains that can run such projects amazingly.

It’s the high time that we realize our own potential and discard the old mentality that poor management is disturbing us. Let us own our projects, run our projects and when problems arise, let us unite to work them out rather than running to outsiders who end up milking our hard earned money through poor services and crazy deals that leave us more frustrated.



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