hike along the great Ndeiya escarpment

When Milele fm morning show host, one Anita Raey (former Ghetto radio morning show host) called me over some wild walks in Ndeiya, I knew that it would be fun and we immediately organized for one walk over last Saturday (31st Dec 2016). In my mind I could find multiple of scenic places in my neighborhood. Arguably with one of the most eye catching scenes and features along the great rift valley, Ndeiya escarpment was and will always be my first choice for local tourism.


I had advised her that by 9 or 10 in the morning, she be at Nderu so that we could have ample time along the Rift. due to a few hitches, she arrived a 30 minutes past 11. This meant that we could not walk far into the Rift. the best timing is to make sure by 8 you are en route to the escarpment.  This saves one on the scorching sun and too much wind that usually happens in the afternoon hours.

All in all, the day had to take its purpose. A walk along at this place. With us was some bottled water plus some mandazi which had been prepared at home that morning, of which we did not eat. Water was of essence. We headed out passing through the swamp, which is drastically drying out. Mirithu or Nderu swamp. At the swamp we took a few pictures. We talked over the size of the swamp and the level of water at the swamp. The ground was rugged and marshy due to the drying clay soil mixed with some green grass.


We then went past the latest village in Kenya, up ahead on our right hand to Gatarakwa swamp and then made a small stop at Ha Wahinya, as we took panoramas of the view below us. Rwacumari village. We discussed over the horizon. We could see the small gap at mwanya wa ruhuho far on our left hand side. The side that hosts St. Mary’s girls Thigio. We then made a right turn down along the all-weather road, Ya Koinange, past Rwacumari primary. Where the road turns a sharp left, we headed right into this rocky path heading to ithaganiro and down to the floor of the escarpment. A distance of about 1 kilometer.

We talked of the beauty of the place. The people around the place and more so the beautiful nature in the region. What really composed of the walk was a dozen pictures, stories and laughter’s.

By the time we were arriving at Ithaganiro, Anita was screaming to the amazing sight in front of her. The horizon was made of mt. Suswa, mt.  Longonot and amazing valleys and hills. Well folded and laid up as if God, the creator was setting a studio for wild photographers.


between two ridges

We then headed south onto the hilly rocks as we captured more moments. It was an easy walk for me. For Anita, she was trailing behind trying to keep with my pace. The breeze was cold enough to reduce the amount of heat directed to us. With no single shade to hide under, I felt we should head back home though using another route. Some people were already finding it hard to walk.  After some time, we sat down on some rocks as we drank water to quench our thirst.

The hike was great. We talked of making it bigger and better as I help her and team to explore the beauty of our hood. The deposits of diatomite, (munyu wa Gicheru), ihiga ria guoya, Ngurunga and the various eye catching scenes along the escarpment. coming soon, a group visit to the escarpment.

excursion to mount longonot




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