money you can recover time you cannot

One of the biggest relationships on this planet is the relationship between money and time. They are always intertwined. Mostly, money comes with time, unfortunately, sometimes and to be realistic, time comes alone. What really happens? This is when the time you invested become futile and you end up maybe being stressed or such.

When you actually get money, time is well set to dictate to you on how you will use the money.

This simply means, you can easily lose money in different tunnels with time. It calls for a wise person to balance the two. Remember that time is an asset which is always equal to every human race. How we use it is a big determinant of the amount of happiness or rather how successful we shall be.

To some extent you may wake up someday having lost all that you acquired within a long time. Or maybe a single thing of it. Something that you fully invested your time on. Think of that person who dated a lady for 5 years then this lady gets taken away by some other gentleman. Think of the great investment on her in terms of time.

Think of that farmer who took seeds to the garden, took care of the young plants only for elephants of some other natural happenings takes over the much time that is invested by the man.

Here is the reality now. You cannot recover time, but money you can. This should always re-energize you whenever you feel lost and out of lane. Also learn to maximize your time use. Do more on lesser time. It’s like that moment when you feel the urge to achieve a lot even though you have a short time. Push on, don’t worry when you make little, and don’t even worry when you invest wrongly due to wrong advice. Just worry when you waste time because, money you can recover, but time you can’t.



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