the debt book

Ile furaha imenishika kuskia kitabu ya deni pale kwa duka imepotea.
I was called by Paulo with an urgent request to visit his shop. He termed the call as urgent. I then called munyui and asked him what could be the problem. “Dont you have the news?”
“Which news?” I asked.
That’s when he told me that the debt book, that book which Paulo records when we buy on credit at his shop.
Let me tell you of the happines that fell on me. The idea that I won’t pay my monthly shop debts was incredibly good.

I asked munyui plus the other like 7 debtors to head to Paul’s shop. Along the way, we talked of the possible amount that would disappear in case the book is not found.

These are the miracles that fall on us as debtors.

One by one, moja kwa moja we walked to the shop. I was all smiles. Finally we arrived at the shop.
“Hello paulo” I shook his hand, he didn’t reply but have me a cold handshake. The rest of the guys handshook him. Then him and munyui went aside and talked for a few seconds with some gestures which involved pointing at me.

Then he came back and passed over the bad news “my friends, today I have some bad news??” he started….. “one of you stole my debt book” he continued, this came to us as a shocker.
But we continued listening to Paulo, “we can make this simple if the one who has stolen the book can forward it”…….. this was followed by a long silence.

The silence was broken by munyui. “If you know you are the one who stole it; avoid being taken to the chief by bringing the book”.

I interrupted by asking Paulo who he was suspecting to have stolen the debt book.
He said that the one who had the biggest debt is the first suspect. Now that’s where the puzZle began.
Who had the biggest debt????



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