sunrise at ndeiya

sometimes you just let the pictures do the talking.
an early sunrise at Ndeiya is always epic. we had to really do this. even after days of waking up to cloudy mornings, we still never gave up until we woke up to a very clear sky. the sky gave us some amazing shots well backed with a sunrise that is out of this world.

in everything we do, there is something that captures the mind when the eyes do their work. that is the message conveyed by pictures. you can always wake up to beautiful mornings in Ndeiya.

Kabiru Thuo always does some good shots. likewise i have managed to do some good shots too. intrestingly, the beauty of the morning rays will make your next few hours on the plains of the swamp a greater experience when it comes to photos and such.

you just thought of a sunset? well; here is a sunrise

some pictures just talk a lot more than what you just see

those relaxed pictures

the laughter

someone said that this one looks like batman

kabiru thuo



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