I Need To Forget You

I Need To Forget You!!

(a poem for those struggling in the memories of their exes)

Everybody saw the power in us.
For i had gathered enough courage.
To friends
you were known
to relatives
you were a common term.
To my heart.
You had the best of all parts.

Maybe i never gave you the best.
For to you i was too hard to keep.
I could have seen these current feelings.
For i live a life of confusion.
You were gone for the longest time ever.
Done in a manner that could never be redone.
For it was a million dollar chance.
Once and for all.

Some thought i was a hooker.
Some termed me a player.
Only my heart knew your position.
I could have strayed.
I could have disobeyed.
Maybe i wasn’t even honest to myself.
A game of feelings was undergoing.
I forgot a game of decision.

Days and years have gone.
Shadows loomed by.
Waters have broken.
Water tight secrets.
Those have remained.
Someway a reality full of fears.

Courage fills up my belly.
And other times iam at the lowest.
I talk and chat non stop.
Stupid moments ensue.
I could have borrowed a little of that idea.
Then i would pocket it and go.
For i need a solution to these upcoming thoughts.

Massively taking over.
Is it the presence of your physic?
Could it be the simple sight of you?
Maybe maybe not.
But i need that little thing you did.
That little switch you touched.
I want to touch it and clear my sd card.

A homage paid for those memories.
I have avoided.
A memory of that little moment.
I have avoided.
But its all useless.
You cuptured my heart
Or was i too young for feelings?
Whichever reason, i need that switch dearly.
I need to switch you off.

no insinuations!!!
But they are allowed.
Its life.




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