a great ndeiyan, a freedom fighter has fallen

‘A week later, that is after the arrest of the first president of Kenya, the late mzee Jomo Kenyatta, that’s when my father was arrested by the British colony’. A passionate George Nyanja tells of his dad. Being the first born son of his father’s first wife, Nyanja cannot avoid praising his late father for a great life he lived with his family, before independence and after independence.

The late Boniface Mbugua, son of the late Rimui will go into the book of records, both written and unwritten as one of the freedom fighters who were held in Mada Island after a long time of fighting for the rights of the blacks. He was to later become the secretary (karani) to Kung’u Karumba during the colonial era. His activity and vigil life during the pre and post-colonial period made him bring up his children in a manner that every father would wish for his children.

He was a known lover of fruits, his shamba had almost turned into an orchard, with all kind of fruits being planted there. Before old age took over his body, he would regularly visit the garden and plant fruit trees whenever he realized a space needed to be occupied by a tree. I guess he has grown to his ripe age for the single fact that he kept it natural all times. He was a great lover of nyama choma, his granddaughter,  explains. He would now and then teach his grandchildren new songs when they were young.

The late Mbugua is a legend of his own life, having achieved a lot in life, he had a frequent phrase, “witue mundu utuo mundu, wetua mundu utuo mundu, wetua nugu ugutuo kanugu maita ikumi”. This explains how he was a dedicated lover of human character. It is this great life principle that saw him gain a successful life and that of his children whereby his first son, became a great politician in Limuru and the larger Kenya, one Boniface Nyanja who is eyeing the senatorial ticket. Nyanja, popularly known as general Kaiyaba, a name he got during the second liberation is a legend in Kiambu politics now, taking over the great steps of his late father.

Mr. Mbugua was a devoted catholic whereby he was a catechist for a long time. His contribution in church was always felt even when old age and having a sick body took over him. He had lived to get all the 7 sacraments required in the catholic doctrines. Every Tuesday, he would hold prayers at his home and also receive the Holy Communion on that same Tuesday.

He has left a legacy of love in his family, a legacy that has seen his family become a close knit family. A legacy that few people leave behind them. Fare thee well great soldier and protector of human morals. The world will miss you.



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