alcohol and bang, the biggest trap in Ndeiya among the young generation

Over the last few years, there has been a growing trend, a bad trend in Ndeiya. A serious increase in the rate at which young people are involved in alcoholism and drugs especially weed is growing daily. (Bang)

It has been a menace that people discuss silently behind closed doors and in whispers at village meetings. It has been a ticking time bomb and I can surely say that the bomb has exploded.

In every shopping center in our ward, there is a serious number of not more than 50 young men who literally can’t do anything else other than hustle and fall into this trap of alcoholism.

My research has given me some interesting findings,


Shopping center Number of bars (about)
Mboroti 10
Thigio town 4
Ngamba 4
Nderu 7
Ndiuni 2
Ha wanene 2
Rwamburi 4
Tiekunu 4


With more than 37 bars in our ward, then there is a big reason for leaders in all sectors to come out and shun this vice.

Parents are a worried lot due to the rate at which bang is being circulated in our ward. The most interesting thing is that the administration is well aware of most of these notorious dens (to be shared exclusively later) but they are doing nothing about it. You see, there is no way we could be talking of development while behind the scenes, we have huge number of young people swimming in this death trap.

Alcoholism and drug abuse should no longer be discussed in whispers, let everyone who is in a position of influence, from church leaders, chiefs, head teachers, teachers, ward representative and the area MP, take it as a personal responsibility to fight this serious menace.

If we don’t fight this thing with braveness then we shall be sinking in a deep hole that we take years to get out.

Then there is something to note, what next after shunning these behaviors? Someone said that drug abuse and unemployment are like brothers. They are well related. This means that we need to work out a formula to not only curb this menace, but also create awareness on what chances a person born and bred at Ndeiya has. There are sources of capital in various government sectors that can push our young people into self-employment like agriculture, having technical skills like painting, mechanic and hair dressing and many others. If we can brave ourselves to fight drugs and alcoholism in our ward, we can also brace ourselves to building a strong youthful task in our ward. Finally, let’s not forget that a society that guides its youthful age is a society that minds about its future.



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