visit to in laws gone wrong

I have never recovered from the shock that hit me on this particular day two years ago. The thought of the day sends shivers down my spine, it’s a day that the devil faced me in a serious relationship and won 9/10 over me.

Let me take you back a little to this, we met with Jane a couple of years ago at a bus station where she was stranded after being dropped at the wrong stage. Luckily, I was the Good Samaritan for her that day. I was heading to the same place she was going. I engaged her in a chat and to cut the long story short, we boarded a matatu, exchanged numbers and planned to keep in touch, I had the hope that probably the keeping in touch would graduate to holding hands and bursting balloons using our tummies.

Everything happened so fast and Jane was seriously in love with me, I sometimes think she loved me more than I loved her. We met a couple of times and on one occasion, I promised her that it was time to see her parents. I still remember how she cried hugging me and telling me things I can’t even remember, all I know is that they were really nice things. I told her that I would visit her on the following Saturday.

That whole week, she kept asking me if I was still visiting her, my response was the obvious, nothing had changed. The whole week, she sounded like a lady who had won a hefty jackpot. I was also a happy ninja knowing that I would visit my girl whom we had dated for quite some time. Monday came, Tuesday and so did the rest of the days.


Very early in the morning, I was up, did my morning stuff, which basically means going through the different newspapers and checking the latest trends on twitter while listening to my favorite radio station. At around 9, I left for Muranga, I projected that by noon I will be there and right on time for lunch or maybe enough timing so that we could talk more and catch up with Jane. Along the way, we talked as she kept asking me where I had reached and so on.

I was wrong on time. At noon, that’s when I was at Muranga town, I had to take another matatu towards Kangema. It was a distance of about 1 hour. I had 30 minutes to buy some sugar, milk bread and a packet of unga so that I won’t go there empty handed, eat and leave. Hiyo ni hasara kwa familia. I quickly did the shopping, and jumped into the next matatu. It was now 0045 hrs.

Let me tell you, Muranga is such a hilly place, the journey seemed longer than I expected. I at one slept since I was too tired.

I alighted at a roadside stage and Jane advised me that I should follow the short path which was draining me into a plantation of tea. She further told me that if I followed the white chalk, white wash which had been well done along the road and small tricky junctions, I would easily find her homestead.

I followed the white chalk and slowly, step after step until I was now approaching the homestead. From a distance, I could see two beautiful tents from the homestead, very beautiful tents. I was so tired and I felt relaxed since I was lucky that on this same day, there was an ongoing event at Jane’s home. I would first ask for some water coz I was seriously thirsty, and as the event which I didn’t have a clue of went on, I would take time to sit at the back and relax.

On entering through the gate, I first met Jane, she was still giving me the usual great smile she spotted on me. Around us, women and young girls from her village were quite busy, wrapping their waists using lesos, they went about with the different roles. Some were putting food on the set table near the tent, some were bring cups while others wiped the plastic chairs that had been neatly arranged under the ballooning tents.

Jane then gave me a serious look after greeting her and she asked, “Where are the rest of the people?” I asked which people. Your family, are you not coming to see my family today? I was dumb struck, I asked, her, “is it the reason why there are tents here?” she looked at me and from the look of things, she was more shocked that I was. “Villager, were you not coming with your parents? Stop these kind of jokes”, “no, Jane, I thought mine was a simple ordinary, friendly visit” I explained. She almost fainted as she slowly brought her two hands to her head and told me, “all this is being done because your family is coming”, she could not even wait for my response, and she walked away towards the house.

I was standing there, shocked with my small shopping still in hand. I approached one lady and asked her to show me Jane’s uncle, just one uncle. Sure she did, within a short period, she came with him. A tall man who was smoking as he walked towards me. He put out the cigarette as he approached me. I greeted him and thanked the lady, then pulled him aside. “you see, my name is Robert, I am the man who is in love with your niece”, as I was explaining this, everything seemed to be at a standstill, even the trees were listening to my explanation, the tents and chairs were all looking at me. “I am surprised that so much has been done, yet I was not coming to do an official visit, just a usual friendly visit to her”. The uncle seemed to have got closer to my face by now, the look he gave me was that of a rough man who would give me a serious beating, but I wasn’t wrong on anything.

He didn’t say anything, he told me to follow him behind the main house.

I slowly followed him, as soon as he beat that corner towards the back of the house, hurriedly as I came, I faced the gate and quickly walked out of the homestead. I was in seriously deep trouble. This was a place I was not supposed to be seen now, a no go zone. What did I do next? I switched off the phone, me and my small shopping walked away from the homestead of that girl I really loved.

I have never talked to her since that day. I changed my phone number for good. I don’t know what they did with the food and the tent, probably they started a hotel of made a village party. The guilty was too much for me to handle.

And that’s how I lost Jane, that’s how we broke up.


Robert Biu.

The villager.



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