who ate the evidence

Who ate the EVIDENCE? ?

Back in 2011, when I was a teacher, when the village streets would wave at me and say,”ì mwarimù” and I would wave back with a big smile at them, hurriedly going to school. I used to teach class 4,5 and class 6 of which I was the class teacher to those amazing students.

I remember this particular day and I still remember it like yesterday. There was a BOM meeting, of course it was more of a MEATing moment because of the way these guys ate during the day. The chef’s work was loaded on such a day. When the food was too much, the teachers would get a share of it during lunch break. When the food was still much more after we had eaten, we would invite prefects to have a bite.

Sometimes the devil would appear for nowhere and ensure that the food wasnt enough even for the BOM.
On such a day, the school director would grow horns and threaten everyone involved with cooking.

When on a day like that happened, the chief chef had liased with the gateman to hide some chapatis after which they would then share and carry them home to their kids. This led to a big reduction on the number of chapos for the day.
The school director called the chef of the day and threatened her with sacking. She had to be honest or face the pen. With much pressure of the school director, she confessed the truth. She said that the chapatis were at the gate with the 2 watchmen.

The director summoned for them. Immediately they learnt that they had been set by the chef, and they could not move out with the chapatis or even throw them away as the gate was straight on with the director’s office,the two gentlemen feasted on the chapati. It took them like 15 minutes to work on ten chapos.

the two gentlemen were briefed by the director on why he had called them. But he was quick to note that they were quite full. Even sitting properly was a problem to them.
Director : where is the chapati?
1st man; we have not seen chapati today.

The second gateman ‘stayed’ like he had not eaten anything for the last 2 decades. He was posing some dry lips, a tired face, but he would now and then belch out some mixture of wheat and worry.

The director had by now got angry!!
He took a pen and some foolscaps,
Then wrote down
“I have sacked you today 29/May /2011 for tampering with the EVIDENCE by way of EATING it”
He then signed and rubber stamped the letter.

Village streets.
Robert biu.



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