visit to the in laws gone wrong part 2

Jane pulled me aside ,away from the crowd. “Ati nini unasema”? she was hushing almost into a whisper,she wiped a pregnant drop of sweat on her forehead. This day she was looking beautiful ,I had known her not to be an uptown girl but today she was wearing makeup.Her well done eyebrows were raised in suprise and its like what I was telling her was not getting into her head. “Jane mimi nilikwambia nakuja tu kukuona” I said as i greated a kid who had come to pick my Luggage. ” Oh my God ,na vile huku kumepikwa nafikili unakuja na wazazi wako” she said holding her head. “Aii apana ilikua tu mimi” I said as I sat on a piece of building block. She was devastated ,she almost cried and run to the house.I almost shouted her name but words dried out of my mouth.
I approached one lady and asked her to show me Jane’s uncle, just one uncle so I could know what was happening. Sure she did, within a short period, she came with him. A tall man who was smoking Kiraiku (Traditional rolled tobacco) He walked towards me in a drunken jittery manner.He snuffed life out of the cigarette he was smoking and approached me.A strong alcohol scent hit my face as he coughed heavily and spat a piece of black snort. I greeted him ,his rough hand swallowed my soft palms and the contrast was felt. I was a town guy who spends 8 hours behind a keyboard every day while probably he is a farmer ,a mason or a fundi in the village.

I thanked the lady and pulled him aside. “you see, my name is Chege , I am the man who is in love with your niece”, He looked up ,lifted his eyes and looked at me in surprise “ We niwe chege “? (are you Chege?) he asked. “Yes ,nini chege uria murata wa Jane” (I am Chege the friend of Jane) He laughed hysterically and hugged me. His body was smelling a mixture of tobacco ,khat and cheap alcohol. “Hahaha karibu san sana” He said.As I was explaining my predicament , everything seemed to be at a standstill, even the trees were listening to my explanation, the tents and chairs were all looking at me. “I am surprised that so much has been done, yet I was not coming to do an official visit, just a usual friendly visit to her”. The uncle seemed to have got closer to my face by now, the look he gave me was that of a rough man who would give me a serious beating, but I wasn’t wrong on anything.

He didn’t say anything, he told me to follow him behind the main house.I slowly followed him, I was ushered to the main house.Janes father was there ,some wazees and I could see a gourd of maybe traditional wine. Janes uncle announced that the visitor has arrived.“Karibu sana ,Janes mother ushered me into the house. I lookedthrough the bedroom door ,I could see jane sitting behind a window. She was looking devastated. If she only knew how bad things were and that my parents didn’t know that we were dating. I was given a cup of ndufia (sugarless tea) I was shown some sugar on a bowl. A plate of well-cooked chapatis (I love well cooked home chapatis) . The warmth and love of the family broke my heart. They weer so happy to see me. “Ehh tuuge thoguo na nyukwa me njira”(Lets say your parents are on their way coming). I had no answer to this question.How could I tell them that it was just a casual visit and I had no plans to come introduce my parents to them.How could I expain to them when they have cooked food for the whole village? “ehh ahhh” I stammered…
To be continued ….

Original Score :Robert Biu




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