kayole buses

Earlier today I left the village headed to Kayole. Yes this Kayole of Nairobi. I wanted to visit my villager friend from Muranga 😂, one Mwirigi K Henry. Ndeto ndírí hau.

Ndeto íhaha
You see going to Kayole isn’t your every day journey

Those matatus are seriously dark. You can not see the seat next to you. Then people cheat you that it has only remained like 2 seats inside so that it leave the hole. When you get in, you find jeshi/ mithee beating seti inside the matatu, all they are doing is chewing leaves and throwing eyes at you like the cats of naikuru. You can get robbed inside.

Then the music inside can make you deaf. What amazed a person is that these guys beating seti inside can easily talk amidst the huge voices from the speakers of the matatu. The type of music inside, tiga tu coz you can’t tell when the song starts or stops. All that you hear is “Thika Thika Thika” guess by a dj.

At this juncture I decided to hold my luggage tightly. Actually very tightly.
At passengers boarded, the jeshi who had kupiga seti inside would get out one by one. By now, my eyes had stabilized and I could see a few people around me. I was seated next to this young lady but even with my talkativeness, I couldn’t try start a conversation isiwe kama bwanake ako nyuma yangu.

Then at this juncture, the conductor came collecting fare.

At this juncture I decided to ask if the matatu is passing a stage that I have forgotten the name.
The conductor looked at me and asked me, “haujui kule unaenda?”

Then at this new juncture, I decided to abort my journey.
And went back to route 115 headed to Limuru then to the village.
Kaba kúinúka
I will go tommorow after getting a torch from home.

Robert Biu
The villager.



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