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Sometimes back I met my old friend at my village. He is now a very successful boda boda driver if there is something like a driver. His name is Daniel Ikigu. Ikígu, we have a long history with him, from back in our days at Nderu primary school and later joined Ngenia High school together.

You see, Ikígu was those naughty naughty slim boys. He would be found from one mistake to the other. He would stick chewing gum on the seat and when you say on it, he would roll down on the floor or laugh so loudly while hitting the locker.

There was a day Ikígu was sent home to bring his parent. His mother was 🔥, you hear fire you say what? His mother would not sooth him. There was no way he could go home and get the parent. What did he do? He decided to get a random lady from Kamirithu village and use her as a parody to the principal. And so it happened.

daniel ikigu, he gave me this photo to show out

Ikígu got a willing lady, of course not without parting with some few tens, maybe like 80 bob.
To cut the long story short, when Ikígu a and the random lady were sitted at the principal’s office, the office secretary happened to be picking the paper punch, she knew the lady.

“Mama Brian, niwewe umeleta Daniel?”
Mama Brian was hit by a 100000miles per hour tornado combined by a high rolling tsunami at the mention of the words.

She had been exposed.
Well, what happened is a story for another day.
Let me get back to my point.

Now Ikígu operates a motorcycle in the village. It’s said that he had a beautiful lady as a wife but later disagreed with her. He sent Jeremiah, Kanyiri Wilson and Antonio to go and see if the lady would get back but she couldn’t agree to get back to him, a boda boda operator. When Ikígu heard that the lady had said no, he had only two words to say “Bora uhai”

When we met, he sent me to help him in hunting a certain girl from Rwamburi. Rwamburi is another village , like 3 villages from our home because you have to pass kwa akina Boni Kanyuira all the way past gwa Smith and then find yourself at Rwamburi.
I had to agree , after all we had been cut the same year, he is my ngabu.

We agreed that the weekend which was following, I would give him full details on the progress of the hunt. He was sending me to hunt for him and bring to him the prey without touching the prey. What amount of trust is that?

episode 2 (the hunt)

Robert Biu
The villager.



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