the rabbit

During our childhood days, rearing rabbits was a childhood hobby. Not like these days where people keep them for money purposes. The big ihii were experts in this. I had a small kiugu for my two or three rabbits, at some point, they were so many. I even gave my friend Kanyiri a number of small ones.

I still remember one time when my rabbit was on heat.

Now let me tell you, if your rabbit was on heat, you would go to your friend who had a male rabbit, ask to be given so that they can mate with yours. Once it conceived and gave birth, you would give one ka rabbit to your friend.

I approached Paul Mugo, we used to call him (gathuma, the small cottina cars) because of his height.

I approached him and requested for a rabbit, a male rabbit so that I could take it to my female rabbit. Paul used to live at a place we call rugongo where there are many wild rabbits (hares).

It happened that on this particular day, his snare had caught a hare and he had placed the hare inside a small box. So wicked as he was, he decided to give me this wild hare so that I could go and put it together with my female rabbit.

You know how wild hares are very attractive.

So I took the hare inside the box, not knowing that it was a wild hare. Paul told me to be careful with the “rabbit”. And so I took it home. On arrival, I opened the box and the hare was at one corner of the box, on trying to hold its ears, it would jump on my fingers. I thought that it was stressed by the change of environment.

I finally managed to place it in the hutch.

I still remember it was in the evening.

Throughout that night, I could only hear the commotion inside the hutch. I was glad that the “rabbit” was up to its task on my female hare. Early the next morning, I went to check whether the rabbits had enough food for the day. By food I mean, micege, (black jack) mithunga (Launate Curunata) and others.

What I saw shocked me………..

My rabbit was bleeding all over, the eyes had been eaten out by the new “rabbit” during the night. The new rabbit had also eaten the sisal tree (mibaibu) and escaped through a hole it had made. I almost fainted, why, how, when, all the questions going through my mind.

Why would this happen on my very cute rabbit?



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