why i fear mad women

Robert Biu

maseno gate

Here is why I fear mad women!!

There was this mad woman at the gate of Maseno university. I really don’t think anyone had any information about her. She would walk all the way from Luanda (Luanda town has the highest number of mad people in Kenya).

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This woman would just hover around the Main Gate of the campus seeking for ten or five bob from the students and naturally from anyone who was willing to give her anything.
On this day, I was sitted at the frustration square (a place where allegedly stressed students idled either waiting for that mpesa from home
or better cooling off from a broken love story), this mad woman approached me. She used to ask for money like she had employed people to work for her.
“Konya gi siling a par osiepa” (nisaidie na ten bob rafiki) she directed those words standing very close to me and almost whispering to my ear.
I replied,”aongego” (sina)

She insisted that I must be having money, she even asked me where I took my money to. She kept insisting that I give her money or she dies of hunger. She was even threatening me. She then calmed down and got soft. Her bargaining power started rising.
“An gi siling a bich?” (Uko na 5 bob) she told me.
“Wuog ka” (Toka hapa wewe) I shouted at her.

I think I boiled her brains with this statement. She started breathing fire. I felt like she would give me a slap coz of the way she was looking at me. Her face suddenly changed from the roughed up dirty face to a face full of anger. It’s like I was looking at the devil incarnate.

I stood up just in case this woman decided to pollinated well with slaps or whatever. But she was not about to do any physical harm to me. In fact we had almost talked for like 4 minutes and everyone was wondering what we were talking with her.

She took a step of faith backwards. And another step. I phewed on realizing that she had left me at peace.
What was to happen to me came as a shocker. Immediately this woman was like 5 meters and at the place where everyone could see her. She stopped in her rags and faced me.
“Wewe, unaniomba nini?” She screamed pointing her finger at me. Her voice was so loud she could have shortcircuted a whole public address system.
Everyone stood on their tracks, students and even shopkeepers looked outside to see what had happened to this woman. Passengers in matatus passing by peeped out of the car Windows.
“Unaniomba unafikiria mimi ni malaya? ” she continued.
The world seemed to have stopped on its tracks. “What’s wrong with this woman?” I asked myself, “unaniomba hii mata** unafikiria sina bwana?” The woman continued chanting at me. She was even daring to show people her samosa. 👣👻

Now people had started gathering around…………

Robert Biu.

The Villager.

The Villager



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