no interview no cv come get a job

This journey of trying to make it in life is hectic…

You see, I was being offered 30K per month as simple as I was. There was to be no experience or anything like referees. All that was needed was me and my ID. A pen and a notebook. I was to also carry 200 Bob which I was told that it was meant for lunch.

I remember it was on a Monday morning. I woke up with so much excitement of a new job. I had mastered the place/ building that I was to meet my new employer. I left without telling my family, (my wife and son) coz I wanted to bombard them with the good news of a good job in the evening. What happiness was more than me being able to put food on the table?

By 8 I was at westlands, alighted near Gallileo and walked to the building where the presumed interview was to be conducted, or so I thought.

I didn’t take long and finally arrived at the place. I found hundreds of other young people at the place. Some seemed to know each other from the way they were talking in groups. Some were in well ironed suits, with ties and if not a tie, a bow tie. Grooming was well observed. Some were going through some notes, I thought they had rough ideas on the type of questions we were to be asked.

I leaned on a flood light mast as I was taken back to where I had come from. These young people seemed to come from luxurious homes. Here I was, thirsty coz I had not taken any breakfast. Dressed in my only collar shirt and a clean pair of jeans that was my important day bestest. My wife always kept it clean in case I was invited for this kind of random interviews.

I squezzed myself past most of them as I headed to the main entrance, roughing shoulders here and there as I left people grumbling behind my shoulders. All I wanted was to be the first one to enter the interview room. At the main door, the hall had not been opened, so with my talkative nature, I approached a lone lady who was going through a Nairobian news paper. We talked over the days events. She was from Ngarariga, a third year at Nairobi University. Our conversation was cut short when we were told to get in the hall as two young men opened the massive door.

We pushed through and in a few minutes, of course after parting with our 200 bob at the main door, got a first position sit in the hall. It was to be more of a lecture hall. Two young people were coordinating the whole team. I looked back and saw many expectant faces, very anxious to be employed. Enyewe Kenya iko na wasee mob hawako employed.

To cut the long story short,
The guys talked to us about some marketing stories. They chorused of how they had become millionaires in a matter of months, yet they looked malnourished and suffering from kwashiakor. They were talking in tones I could feel were thirsty of some kariakor liquor.

I had just wasted my morning sleep, I had also waste my 200 bob, and you want to tell me that some of these people we shall meet with them in heaven singing and dancing along the golden perls and golden bridges?

And I was pick pocketed my fare back home.
The ka lady saved my body back home with 130 bob as she left back to school. We never exchanged contacts.

Before you make it in life, you go through a lot to build a story for the future…and still I am pushing on and on and on…. Never giving up!!!!!

Robert Biu
@the villager



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