my wifes brother no extra bed for him

My Wifes brother,
no Extra Bed for Him.!!!!

Last evening, Wed night, me and my wife were busy guessing the new name for our kid,
we are tired of this name, Bad news. My wife has a long list of names. In fact we are organizing
for a name changing ceremony.
Now lets go back to the evening,
while we were talking, we heard a knock at the door. It was not a surprise since our neighbors are used to borrowing
small small stuffs from us.
Things like sugar and salt, some even borrow tissue paper, why cant they use newspapers???

Anyway, on opening the door, there stood the brother to my wife.
At night, he had come to visit us, wet and muddy, i welcomed him.
From that minute he entered, my house was not the same.
There is food for visitors, but we always prefer them to leave before dark.
We only have one bed, the rest are stools, 3 of them.

To cut the long story short,
I thought he would leave because we could not accommodate him for the night. Saa nne usiku. Still
he was well settled.
Even at 11 he was not in a hurry,
i got tired of the stories we were eating with him, i couldn’t even remember what we were saying.
Then i would walk outside for a few minutes, maybe he would say he is leaving but he was just there sited on the stool.

How was i to explain to him that we have no extra place for him to sleep on??
Then a brilliant idea came…..
I told him that i need us to say a word of prayer….

….. Dear God, thank you for the supper… Thank you for our lives… We thank
you for my brother in law, we pray that as he walks (i would shout pull {kugucia} the word walk) back home tonight, you take care of him
we also pray that as the 3 of us sleep tonight, be with us.
Please protect my brother in law, you see there
is no moon, but make him not fear…. .. Blah blah blah….
Then we said Amen….. After that.



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