interview gone wrong

Sometimes back I got a call for an interview over a job I had applied for. I told the interviewer I couldn’t make it to Nairobi for a one on One interview juu sina transport. So I requested him to consider looking for other available candidates.
He agreed and hang up the call.

Then this ninja said He will send me the money. Ata nikakuwa confused😫😫.

I told him he should still consider other candidates for the job since I wasn’t available dure to fare. He instisted that he will send the fare and I decided to reconsider considering myself. I agreed to his push.

True to his word, he sent 1000 bob to my phone, we had talked of where I was coming from. I was glad.
He then called again to confirm my acceptance and I said yes to his call now.

Early the next morning, I left for the interview, it was to take place somewhere near agip house. So mimi huyo hadi town. At around 730 I was at University way, I alighted the mat. I had planned to walk from there instead of going all the way to konja.

While near Nyayo house, I got a call from the interview guy asking me where I had reached, I explained and he told me to hurry up since other applicants had arrived.
I was so anxious and curious of this job. While at the same, I kept checking myself not to dust myself so much.

On arriving at agip house, I headed to the lift and straight to the room where I had been told that the interview would take place. At this juncture, let me say I saw bird of Kangethe because on entering the room, I was ambushed, runsacked everything and given a few slaps plus wakachukua ile change ilikua imebaki kutoka fare.

Aki hii Nairofi.
Nowadays, if you call me for an interview, let us meet under a tree or at Uhuru park, ama pale Tom Mboya statue.
How I got home is a story for another day.

Robert Biu
The villager.



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