MONDAY 6th year 3016

MONDAY 6th 3016

I am sitted at a clean bench at the famous Jevanjee garden. I dart my eyes here and there. The city is clean. Not like in 2016. I listen to the passing by speed train along the 4 lane Moi Avenue. So much has changed over the last few years.
Few people are seen walking aimlessly, I guess the government created enough jobs for the youth. I listen to a few sirens sounding from a far. Oh, the president is making his way to the parliament. This years budget has come early. I think they are running against time nowadays.

Back in 2016; alot was being said, by the representatives of Wanjiku; less was done those days. The story is different today. There is General elections next year and few people are talking about it. The government of the day has been quite serious with transformative leadership.
Those days flooding made us think Kenya was a lake during the dinosor eras; that the elnino was reclaiming back its land. But the story has changed; Kenya’s have received fantastic storm drainage plans.

Today looks so calm. No tear gas. No riots. No demonstrations. No water being splashed on our leaders. It’s a free city. Businesses on the rise. Job creation is on the peak. Wanjiku is a happy fella nowadays. In those days; Kanju Kingdom was the story by hawkers. They were terrorised and seriously harassed. Now they have a designated place; where buyers stream in and out like the live streaming of real time elections results.

And did I tell you that we now have a new election body? Yes, this was decided on last year but one by the parliament. The election body was given a nice package home for their well done work over the years. My son keeps on asking me why we talk of PEV. I have never had the courage to tell him. At least he is going through some well planned education system that has been focusing on his photography skills. I have great hope in him plus my other neighbours kids….

Somebody has passed carrying some fresh vegetables using a very silent and sliding on a smoothly done road system. This has reminded me of Ndeiya my birthplace. Over the last few years; 10 years; The place has seen tremendous rise in its wholesome growth. We are now among the top wards in the country that supplies food to the city. I still find it amazing that Ndeiya has had the top five best hotels in Kenya. The hotels were fully funded by an international body; of course under our able leaders.
Good Morning Kenya.



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