ndungu vs beer and the church

Before Ndung’u knew Jesus Christ, before he even knew Abraham and how he almost sacrificed his son, before he fell in love with how Moses saw the burning bush and removed his probably leather sandals, Ndung’u loved akoho. Actually akoho loved him.
He tried leaving it everyday, but he could not leave a beer of akoho on the table.

But then he was touched and quitted the drink.

But you see, telling someone who loves it to stop is like telling a betting person to stop betting, quite unheard of.
Once in a while Ndung’u would hide himself and gulp a few drinks down his throat and ran home so that he can get drunk in bed.

He used to avoid akoho every weekend but on weekdays, Ndung’u and akoho were baes.

There is this day that I will always remember.
He had spent the day, a Friday drinking muratina so that come weekend, he would not have the urge to rush out for some. He was advised that Muratina and beer, 🍻, is good, and so he drunk, drunk drunk drunk and Saturday night found him at a club, he realized it’s around 10 at night, he continued drinking until he felt it was safe to go home now.

At least the church mates would not see him.

The problem is that this time, the alcohol drove him all the way to our church, and told him to sleep at the entrance.
We found him at the entrance Sunday morning, sound asleep, took him pale vestry and waited for him to regain whatever.


the pastor told him that he cannot love two things at the same time
He should chose one.

Ndung’u told us, “I will not chose any, I will stop all of them”
Since then, Ndung’u doesn’t drink alcohol and he doesn’t come to church.
I usually laugh hard when he explained to us how beer drove him to the church doorstep.



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