the caretaker

So I misplaced my keys today. I don’t know how or where. Bad thing is I learnt that I didn’t have my keys while at the door of my house, it’s a rental one, I don’t own any so far. By the time I realized it, it was around saa nne, usiku.

I got stranded at the door trying to call friends whom we hanged out today but no one saw the keys. They are 3 keys with a drum shaped key holder.
That’s not the issue.

After much self consultation, I thought of knocking on my neighbors door and maybe sleep there. Unfortunately, he was having a visitor, a Sarah type of visitor, so he couldn’t accommodate me, nawe níaríúka kúhoya njiko!!!

I had some luggage though.
So I knocked on the caretakers door.
Akanifungulia. “Sasa, imagine nimepoteza funguo na sina spare hapa” I explained.
” Sasa utado? ” Akaniuliza.

I explained that maybe anaweza niwekea the mizigo, some potatoes, a pumpkin and some other stuff za kupika, kanyama nusu, maziwa and I had a bread for the morning.
Akaitikia but akanishow, I can eat supper before getting to figure out what to do.

I felt relieved.

So we cooked my kanusu at around 2245 EAT, ikawekwa kabiribiri, kanyanya and the rest of the natural spices, quite yummy to be honest. We ate and I started discussing how we should have a WhatsApp group for the ploti so that in such scenarios, ningeandika tu mtu anihost nijipange kesho.


My caretaker is a young lady, probably in her mid 20s, like 24, and I am still here, almost midnight and she seems so comfortable with my presence.
Am I thinking too far? Maybe. I think I should not sleep here. Lakini nikikumbuka tumekula kanusu kangu na naskia akiomba pumpkin, naona tu nilale 😆😆.

My caretaker!!!!
As I type this, she is asking me if I will shower today or shower in the morning.

Ebu nimjibu then I will continue… I won’t sleep here.
Someone around Makutano village to host me please.



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